What We Learned from 100,000 Bug Fixes

Recorded on Thursday June 1 at 10:00 am PT

Fixed bugs are the hallmark of amazing QA.

Join two of Testlio's finest -- Senior QA Team Lead Kristi Kaljurand and QA Project Manager Jeff Scott -- for a look into what they've learned fixing countless and invaluable bugs for companies like Lyft, Fox Networks, and Salesforce. 

Talk testing with us and stay for the expert Q&A afterward!

The complex testing environment

As an established startup, Voxer had existing QA processes in place, but not the full bandwidth needed to test a variety of environments and devices. Andreea Matei, Voxer’s Lead Automation Developer, explains why testing for Voxer requires a high level of skill: “Different network environments need to be tested, and we need to simulate the user’s environment: Wi-Fi to no connection, Wi-Fi to 4G / 3G, mobile data to no connection and so on.”

Meet Our Experts

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Kristi Kaljurand

Senior QA Team Lead

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Testlio, Fox Networks

Jeff Scott

QA Project Manager


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