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Want to build a better product? Start with better testing.

Great products start with QA at every stage of the development cycle. Leave it for the end to an understaffed small in-house team, and your customers won't stick around for long.

Fast-growing companies know that outstanding release cycles come from working with best-in-class QA partners.

The QA Partner Playbook will help you integrate Agile QA into your release cycle and choose a testing partner that helps you build the best product possible.

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What the research shows:

Expertly done QA has become vital to the success of any app.

A survey by Econsultancy found that companies say the most important factor in launching successful apps is customer experience.

That’s echoed by the customer intelligence firm Walker, which found that 85% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, and that customer experience will overtake price and product to become the key brand differentiator by 2020.

Backing that up is research by Gartner that found a full 50% of product investment projects will focus on improving the customer experience. Mercedes-Benz USA President and CEO Steve Cannon put it best to Loyalty360 when he said, “Customer experience is the new marketing.”

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