How Microsoft Releases at the Speed of Mobile

Recorded on Thursday August 10 at 11:00 am PT

Balancing development speed and release quality is one of the toughest challenges in software engineering.

Even if you can compete when it comes to customer experience, you can't afford to fall behind in feature development. How can product managers, QA, and engineers do it all?

Our webinar with Kevin Henrikson, Partner Director of Engineering at Microsoft, will teach you how to achieve both development speed and product quality. You’ll get an inside look at how Microsoft—particularly the Outlook Mobile team—delivers an outstanding customer experience to millions of users around the world. 

You'll also learn:

  • The quickest way to regression test older features
  • What can be automated—and what shouldn't be
  • How to execute high-value exploratory testing without wasting time
  • How to map to the customer experience and user behavior/growth

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The complex testing environment

As an established startup, Voxer had existing QA processes in place, but not the full bandwidth needed to test a variety of environments and devices. Andreea Matei, Voxer’s Lead Automation Developer, explains why testing for Voxer requires a high level of skill: “Different network environments need to be tested, and we need to simulate the user’s environment: Wi-Fi to no connection, Wi-Fi to 4G / 3G, mobile data to no connection and so on.”

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